Facebook and YouTube Streaming – not for DJs

Facebook and YouTube Streaming – not for DJs

So we can’t DJ Live on FB, huh?

I cannot express how absolutely elated I was at the premise of being able to go live on Facebook. The prospect of being able to reach my FB friends while having them respond was something that had me filled with joy!
So apparently there is a “copyright infringement” being violated every time a DJ goes online and plays music (for free) to his audience (for free) and his video need be removed. There are a selected few profiles that aren’t subject to that level of scrutiny by Facebook, URNOTADJ was not one of them. I can’t make that up, I personally have had 2 hour long videos removed from Facebook. My first one stayed up though, here’s the vid:

So we can’t DJ Live on YouTube, huh?
Not one to be discouraged I went to YouTube in an effort to utilize their beta streaming service. I had been seeing the “Live Streaming” button flurting with me on my YouTube Channel for quite some time. Since I had acquired the DJing Live bug I was sure that YouTube would let me do my weekly hour of Grown Folk Music on their channel, right? Also a bust, YouTube removed the audio from my video and gave me a warning (?!?), so basically that was a no go as well.
Why can’t a DJ legally play music online for his audience, without receiving any compensation? I don’t understand the politics behind why my video being streamed live was somehow infringing on someone copyright, even though the world uploads videos daily and those aren’t subject to scrutiny. I have no idea who in particular is removing my videos, or what they want for me to continue using their service on Facebook. After going back and forth about this with many of the URNOTADJ Family, I saw only one option.
So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. First the resurrection of URNOTADJ’s website, step 2 the addition of streaming! Since a few of the URNOTADJ Family wanted to continue streaming you will find all our online shows here on the home of the Real DJ Movement! We will be doing live weekly shows and we will be promoting the DJs who rep the culture here!
I’m looking forward to being able to provide this kind of online entertainment and continuing to educate this generation about the craft we all so love!

  • Jon

    The advantage a dj can bring to the success to a song or to an artist can be huge. Unfortunately nowadays we are losing rights. Not only we own the music, but we expose it and promote it regardless if it’s to an audience of 50 or 50000 people. Djs used to be the best promotional tool possible. We have the right to do a set and share music. Live or recorded. Nobody should have the right to take this away from the artwork of djing.

  • David Santiago

    What i feel is wrong about all this is that if you actually purchase the music in some kind of way why we can’t use the music the way we feel is right? The artist gets royalties every time the public legally downloads a track if i pay for something a track a video i should have the right to use the track any way i see fit it’s just WRONG Salute to you Deej Eigh someone needs to speak up

  • DJ Special J

    #salute to all the djs…big shout out and thank you to Madhada for creating this Avenue for discussion and growth. What I don’t get is the infringement would come if we were selling the music as our own…Streaming out sets online doesn’t do that…if anything it is free promo for the artist. What do they want from us a djs is my question? And if we gotta pay for the song, do they gotta cut us a check for playing it

  • Kevin Comadore

    this has to be the nicest way of putting Facebook on blast of bs period