RIP Record Pools

RIP Record Pools

Can we please have a moment of silence.

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So, on my Facebook profile we collectively were enthralled in a riveting conversation concerning the days of ole’…
Reminiscing on The Record Pool vs the online .mp3 Pools of today. Mind you I am in no way advocating (as a middle aged man) carrying crates again, I’m merely making an observation and opening dialogue about the differences from then til now.

With that said, there is genuinely a difference.

I miss the Record Pool meetings. I miss going home with boxes of records to sift through. I used to enjoy giving my 2 cents about the songs and actually having the opportunity to make the acquaintance of the artists themselves. Back in the day, as a DJ in a record pool we were granted certain luxuries that went along with being a member of said record pool. It wasn’t just the records themselves or making crates, it was also the organization and it’s relevance in the city. I have fond memories of going to meet and greets and conventions. I used to enjoy being in the company of those DJs, even if the conversations were often heated –
“You undercut me for that gig”
“You still owe me for that mixer you broke”
“I lost an entire crate of records because of you”
– it still was those precious memories that I carry with me to this day.
Not to mention having the music before the radio played it. That was also a “membership has it’s privileges” instance. I used to love having and playing songs that weren’t readily available to the public and wasn’t circumventing the DJ. Now, videos are on YouTube and the radio is playing the music at the same time it’s available for download from the online record pools. It’s just not the same experience for today’s DJs that it was for us.

I’m not advocating carrying crates of vinyl either.

I have no qualms with being able to have 10,000 songs on one thumb drive, having the same abilities afforded to me as the CDJ DJ (cues, loops) and being able to create my own mashups on the fly. It’s an incredible time to have these technologies at our disposal, just the premise of a midi-mappable mixer is amazing to an old vet like myself. I’m still amazed by the fluidity of the innofader. I’m not dismissing what is today’s DJ, it’s just a little nostalgic trip back to when the DJ played a major role in the music that was played.